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Memorandum of Non-Understanding from the Ministry of Love

Whistleblowers have serious misgivings about Robert Francis’ and the Department of Health’s Freedom to Speak Up Review on NHS whistleblowing. In short, its main use is for government spin. The central plank of the Freedom to Speak Up Review is the creation of a National Guardian for whistleblowing. This office has been entrusted to the Care Quality Commission. The project has been characterised by CQC gamesiness, delay, incompetence and the hasty resignation of the first appointee. [1] CQC refuses to acknowledge its mishandling of the office or shortcomings by the latest appointee.

Henrietta Hughes the replacement National Guardian provoked disbelief and ridicule when she started her job earlier this month. In an interview with the Times, she suggested that NHS whistleblowing would be sorted “just like that” if staff cheered up. [2] Thus, she trivialised the deep establishment corruption and related suffering…

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Gagged and bound. NHS doctors today.


“The airline industry has learnt that pilots must feel they can speak out”

Jeremy Hunt, May 2016

Imagine this.

You are a doctor, resident in hospital, not quite a consultant. You are employed by the hospital, but you rotate through different areas and different hospitals to broaden your experience of different practices. This is designed to make you a better, safer doctor.
One day you come to work, and find you are the only doctor working- there is no one else rota’d to be there. You have to look after your own hundred patients, but now you need to look after two hundred more. You are desperately worried this is not safe. People might get hurt.
As you have been taught to do, as a doctor and a hospital worker, you raise the alarm. You phone your bosses and tell them, you phone their bosses and tell them too. You…

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CQC’s “better than ever”…or didn’t you know?

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By Dr Minh Alexander, NHS whistleblower and former consultant psychiatrist 14 October 2016

The much criticised Care Quality Commission has tried hard to re-brand itself but the changes are superficial, and the values at its heart remain highly questionable. The CQC remains a defensive organisation, full of self-justification. CQC’s attitude towards its part in the profoundly shocking care home death of Ivy Atkin is a case in point.

Ivy Atkin an 86 year old retired dressmaker suffered a barbaric death on 22 November 2012 after gross neglect at Autumn Grange care home in Nottingham. Her case has been extensively reported. In summary:

High Court judge Robert Jay said that when Mrs Atkin was found, she was skeletal, severely dehydrated, lying on a bed soaked in urine and had a large open, pressure sore at the base of her back which was contaminated with faeces.”[1]

Although discovered in…

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Mothers Told To Lie To The Family Court About Domestic Violence

Researching Reform

Lawyers in Australia are telling mothers not to disclose domestic violence incidents in Family Court over fears that their clients will be accused of trying to alienate the other parent from the children involved.

This problem is not specific to Australia, as it is something UK lawyers also tell mothers, so this piece is an exceptionally important read, not just for the general areas of concern it highlights, but for understanding Court culture in England and Wales, as well.

Needless to say, judges and other interested parties in Australia are denying the allegations, which have been made not just by parents who have experienced the system, but by experts working in the field.

We are adding an extract from the piece below:

LAWYERS are telling mums “to lie to the Family Court” about domestic violence and child abuse because they fear their clients will be seen as trying to alienate…

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad Recognized, as a Great Law-Giver, by US Supreme Court in 1935

The Muslim Times

Originally collected by Dr. Abdul Alim, the Muslim Times’ Editor for Islam


And We have sent thee (Muhammad) not but as a mercy for all peoples. (Al Quran 21:108)

A frieze, designed by Adolph Weinman, on the north wall of the US Supreme Court depicts great lawgivers of the Middle Ages. This includes the Holy Prophet Muhammad A frieze, designed by Adolph Weinman, on the north wall of the US Supreme Court depicts great lawgivers of the Middle Ages. This includes the Holy Prophet Muhammad

There is a frieze in the Supreme Court building that depicts the Prophet Moses and the Holy Prophet Mohammed, may peace be on them, among others.

Source: The following information was collated from the Supreme Court web site

The frieze, which is a sculpture installed in a wall, were sculpted by Adolph Weinman in 1932. Weinman sculpted 18 people through history who have had an impact on our concept of law, as well as allegorical figures depicting some great legal concepts.

The lawgivers: Menes (first king of the first dynasty of Egypt); Hammurabi…

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UK lawmaker Andrew Mitchell supports UK bombing Yemen, then turns around and says Russia is guilty of “war crimes”

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British lawmaker supports UK bombing Yemen, then turns around and says Russia is guilty of “war crimes”

A British lawmaker has accused Russia of targeting civilians in Syria in the same way the Nazis behaved during the Spanish civil war.

Senior British lawmaker, Andrew Mitchell is getting a head start on the Russian racism fever that is sweeping the neo-liberal/neocon western world, and helping to move us closer to full scale war.

Mitchell climbed on his parliament soapbox late on Monday (forgetting about the fact that the UK played a leading role in destroying Libya, Syria, and Yemen), to preach about humanitarian efforts in Aleppo.

Humanitarian efforts, in this case, means saving the hides of Al Qaeda and ISIS proxy jihadists stuck in the East of the city.

Mitchell is a part of Prime Minister Theresa May’s ruling Conservatives, and a former Secretary of State for International Development…and a…

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