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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore, my very successful family businessman father was prescribed terminal drugs for a cancer the Pathology Report proved dad did NOT have, after lies were told to Dr. Kevin Lee GP Balby Doncaster, at a newly set up ON CALL DOCTORS SERVICES Danum Doctors services Limited in Doncaster. Only opened 1st April 2004, but closed on 30th June 2004 and opened up under a slightly different name. I wonder why?

    Both NHSPCT Chief Officers Jayne Brown and Simon Morritt were on the floor going through documents and taking out certain documents, when my family arrived to go through all the evidence we had gained access to which proved our father had been killed and did not die of any health problems. We had to wait over 10 months for this Pathology Report.

    Doncaster Coroner would not allow us to give evidence at the opening of the inquest, even though my sister and I were witnesses to the killing of our father. We were with him at his house from Sunday 18th April 2004 until his death on Friday 23rd April 2004.

    Doncaster Coroner Eric Stanley Hooper recused himself on 29th March 2005, nearly a year after dad was killed. He passed only the documents he thought necessary to Paul Kelly who came from the same solicitors practice as all the other Coroners in North East Lincs, but as we carried out our investigation, seems Paul Kelly had never carried out an inquest in this Country previously. They both refused to contact dad’s Consultants, why????

    Neither of dad’s Consultants Dr. G. Majumdar Haematologist who saw dad on 5th April 2004 and prescribed a 5 day course of Fludarabine, which he states in writing to me on 8th March 2006 (2 years after the killing) for his resurgent CLL, which was resurgent, but responding to treatment and under reasonable control. Dr. Majumdar told me to contact the Gastroenterology department, since dad was having tests in that department.
    Dr. Gary James Gastroenterologist states in his 14th March 2006 letter to me that dad had been given an endoscopy on 13th January 2004 and 10th March 2004. My sister and I were told by Clayton and her daughter, (not my father’s daughter), that dad was dying of oesophageal cancer on Tuesday, 9th March 2004 at 1900 hours. Obviously she could not have known since the endoscopy had not been carried out the night before.

    Dr. James also states on page 2 of his letter dated 14th March 2006 that he reported the 10th March 2004 endoscopy on 15th March 2004 “there was NO evidence of malignancy ie cancer and NO dysplasia which are pre cancerous cells”. This proves no oesophageal cancer.

    So who was “The Patient” who telephone the GP Doctor David Brown and told him dad did have Oesophageal cancer on 15th March 2004. Dr. James’s letter proves this was a pack of lies and that Brown did not check the results.

    Even the Pathologist Prof Helen Whitwell who carried out the Post Mortem and wrote the Pathology Report, stated in a meeting with our family and her own witness in June 2006, that she was shocked at the verdict Paul Kelly gave, since both conditions stated as cause of death, were only in their MILD Stages and would not have ended dad’s life.

    We have been fighting for over 11years now to get this death investigated, but for some reason South Yorkshire Police have always refused to investigate, why?

    Perhaps it is something to do with the photograph album the lying woman put into my hands an hour before dad died on Friday 23rd April 2004, I was so distressed I passed it on to my sister and she had a very good look at some of the pictures Clayton did not want us to see, she then snatched the album off my sister and ran upstairs with it.

    My sister phoned the police and asked them to get this album, she insisted they ask for this album, but the two officers refused and stopped her coming back into the house to be with dad as he died. My sister was treated as the criminal. We needed help and received nothing.

    See http://www.ralphwinstanleyofwath.blogspot.co.uk for site of all the documents we were eventually able to gain access to. Please note that Doncaster NHS have always refused to give Ralph Winstanley’s children and grandchildren access to his full medical records, even though we have a claim. These people who we pay, can stop families getting justice. We need this changed now.

    Dad told me that he had sacked his solicitor only days before he died, since he had paid in excess of £350,000 and he would not get another penny. Those were his words to me. I asked why, since this solicitor had been working or so I thought for my father from 1985/6 until just before dad’s death.

    We found out after dad died that 91 D 222 a Doncaster Court Document 23rd Feb 1991 proves that Clayton was in a Doncaster Court against my father and this 91 D 222 proves

    “The Judge heard the solicitor for the Petitioner (Nina Clayton) even though the Respondent (my father Ralph Winstanley) had not been given notice of the hearing” .

    Everything we had worked hard to build up as a family for many years was taken out of my father’s hands in this fraudulent FAMILY COURT without dad’s or our knowledge. How can this happen?????

    There were young children, all of dad’s children were born Ralph 21st April 1944, Charlotte December 1945, I was born April 1951 and youngest brother Richard born July 1952. So why was this case heard in a Family court???

    Do I trust our NHS or legal system, I DO NOT……

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