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Index of Political blog posts by @costofcameron……..

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A selection of my ‘political’ posts

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The #mycouncilsilf Project – http://wp.me/p2P3VT-W4 My plan to collate a large database of which councils will ringfence the ILF money they get from central government. If you know what your council is doing on this, please get in touch @costofcameron or #mycouncilsilf

Rebuttal! – The need for strong evidential rebuttal against the Tory lies, smears and fiddled figures. http://wp.me/s2P3VT-rebuttal

50 things the Tories have done in 50 days to hurt people – http://wp.me/p2P3VT-Wb – originally published in the Daily Mirror, by Helen Whitehouse

Haunting Cameron – His failed promises 2010 onwards http://wp.me/p2P3VT-Vt

Promises Promises – 2005 – 2010 –  http://wp.me/p2P3VT-Mj

Hard Working? Well Work Harder! – http://wp.me/p2P3VT-V2

“Since the election” eh? – What the tories have really done since 7th May 2015 –  http://wp.me/p2P3VT-US

The Northern Powerhouse – The Promises –…

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