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#TheDarkening: #Reddit Loses Moderator, Its Shit, Leaks Private Mod Chat

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Reddit Snoo Troll via KnowYourMeme Reddit Snoo Troll via KnowYourMeme

When Internet’s Front Page, 32nd most popular website in the world,  and Conde Nast property Reddit is in an upheaval over moderators moderating (shutting down fat-shaming subreddits, for instance, although leaving r/coontown untouched), only one thing will distract it:

Reddit Redditing even harder.

Today, kittens, we have reached Peak Reddit.

For the past couple of weeks, Redditors (actual users of the crowdsourced infotainment site) have been rebelling, via Nazi imagery (you stay classy, Reddit) against CEO Ellen Pao’s crackdown on hate speech when she banned five subreddits. So drama! Much juicy!

Well, forget it. That gloriously insidery drama, a veritable whiteout blizzard of the manna on which Reddit thrives, has been outdone, outshone, outpaced, and outclassed completely. Why? Because Victoria Taylor, popular administrator of the celebrity-packed Ask Me Anything subreddit (Obama isn’t just a fan; he’s a past participant) has been fired.

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