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Portsmouth 2 – Paedophiles employed by Portsmouth Council

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After reading the book Heartless Too by Janella [1], and Forgotten by Les Cummings [2]  I expressed my suspicions that there could have been a paedophile nework in Portsmouth and wider in the Hampshire area [2].

It seems that my suspicions were justified.

The documents below, along with others that will be blogged soon, were produced by the Childrens Cottage Homes Justice Project. In this post these show the links between Ralph Bonner-Pink, Freddie Emery-Wallis and Peter Prosser, all of whom were child abusers.

Bonner Pink and Emery-Wallis were on the Childrens Committee and the Finance and General Purposes Committee together. Mr and Mrs Prosser were appointed to the posts of Warden and Matron of the Reception Centre by the Council.

Bonner Pink is named by his adopted daughter as a child abuser. Emery Wallis was convicted of 5 counts of indecent assault dating back to the…

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