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Op Pallial: Gordon Anglesea Charged


Capture Former Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea

This is quite a significant development. Gordon Anglesea has been charged with 5 offences against 3 boys.

For anyone unaware, Anglesea successfully sued for libel after Private Eye and the Independent printed allegations before. They’ll be a few ‘bruised’ journalists watching this with interest.

An ex-police chief who was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing young boys has been charged.

Retired North Wales superintendent Gordon Anglesea, 77, was arrested in 2013 and bailed, then re-bailed in January this year by detectives from Operation Pallial, a National Crime Investigation into claims of historical sex offences in the North Wales care home system.

Today, he was charged with five sexual offences against three boys between 1979 and 1987.

A spokesman for the National Crime Agency said: “A 78-year-old man from North Wales has been charged with five offences of sexual assault and two offences of buggery…

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