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Paragraph 16.20 & Holding Powers

Mental Health Cop

The new Code of Practice (2015) to the Mental Health Act 1983 introduced a few new features, as well as re-arranging various important aspects from the old code (2008) under new paragraph references. This means we’ve all had to start unlearning the old reference numbers to golden nuggets of information that help win disputes about roles and responsibilities and get the new numbers memorised. I admit, I’ve been shouting the old numbers for so long that I’m rather behind in my progress! I summarised the new Code and listed some of these important references – old and new – for your greater convenience. The present piece is the first of a few about the entirely new parts to the Code and we’ll start off with the subject of MHA holding powers –

I’m certainly not the only police officer in the country who has been invited by NHS staff into…

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