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ITV ‘Girls with Autism’- the school didn’t quite understand PDA

Dinky and Me

There have been a number of TV shows recently which feature autism, and showing that autism has many faces and that as a spectrum, all people with autism are different despite sharing some unique characteristics. # Last night there was a programme which highlighted Autism in girls, and the programme was focussed on three girls who go to the Limpsfield Grange school in Surrey. One of these girls has a diagnosis of PDA. Just like with many forms of autism, each person with PDA is different and the severity and how the condition affects them varies, as do the co-morbid conditions. It is also important to point out that I am looking at this through the eyes of a mum with a 7 year old, not a teen- who knows how dinky will develop. However what has to be said is that one staff member- Julie Taylor, did not seem to…

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