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Ben Fellows’ Trial Full Of Blatant Inconsistencies


24 July 2015

Day 5 We heard from Roger Cook today, he told us they used tiny camera’s during filming that could be used on the lapel, where the technical guy and Mr Entwhistle the director told the court the other day they did not have anything tiny back in 1994, another blatant inconsistency. The case is jam-packed with them, all from the prosecution. Hope everybody can read the transcript one day and then it will be obvious what went on.”  http://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2015/07/day-5-ben-fellows-court-case-from-joy-2586784.html

It also appears that the head of Mr Fellows’ Drama School Silvia Young ‘forgot’ he was a pupil there until the defence produced signed documentation proving otherwise and Mr Clarke failed to know who Ian Greer was despite Mr Greer’s Office being only a few minutes away from his and despite the fact that Mr Greer knew Mr Clarke’s  predecessor quite well.  The said taped film…

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