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Abuse Is Never Historic.

BCUK has been my blogging home for 10 years.

I began a personal diary that has become more a critique of our society.
#DanielMorgan murder, phone hacking, corruption and VIP paedophiles the main themes.
I hoped to fan the flames and publicise what #MediaLies wont.

Many people have shared, informed and supported me and I thank you all.

I have been slandered and also had false allegations made against me.
This blog and others, hacked and trolled.
My online communications intercepted and recorded.

By clandestine government agencies ? No. By two individuals.
One who was arrested for possession of child rape images – but no charges bought.
Another who sits on a current #ChildAbuse inquiry.

#Abusive friends doing what they do best – #Abuse ?
Or something more sinister ? #Leaks #Sabotage

Early warning system ?

Who is watching the watchers ?


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