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Australian unions promote anti-Chinese nationalism

Counter Information

By our reporters
1 August 2015

Australia’s trade unions are seeking to divert the growing concerns of workers over rising unemployment, falling wages and declining living standards into a chauvinist campaign against a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed with China by the Abbott government.

Union leaders are staging protests in Australia’s main cities to denounce the FTA, accusing Prime Minister Tony Abbott of “selling out Australian jobs” to foreigners, above all, Chinese companies and workers.

At the latest rally, held in Sydney yesterday, between 1,000 and 2,000 workers were brought off worksites, notably the city’s large Barangaroo construction project, to hear union speakers tub-thump against the Liberal-National government for “selling off our sovereignty.”

While the union bureaucrats claim that their campaign is not racist, they have singled out the FTA with China, initialled on June 17, even though the government has concluded similar FTAs with Japan and Korea, and is…

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