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Michael Shrimpton on Ted Heath

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43heathfrom British Nonces [22]

This is not intended as a post about Michael Shrimpton, it is about his information on Ted Heath’s child abuse and other child abusers. However some introduction is necessary in order not to mislead anyone.

Michael Shrimpton is an intelligent, eccentric, controversial, maverick character. He was a barrister and Intelligence Consultant who revels in his far right views and who appears to love spreading information which he claims was not covered by the official secrets act because it was not an official secret or because it came from overseas intelligence agencies.

Whilst he may have been technically correct about the official secrets, this appeared to get him in trouble with the powers that be, and he was later convicted for child abuse images. He claimed this was a stitch up during a search of his house after a bomb warning  he gave [18] which of course…

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