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Boats and Child Abuse

cathy fox blog on child abuse

[This has been re-posted on several other sites but some people cannot find it on mine. This was because it was posted 15 August 2015, but due to some annoying glitch in wordpress it is filed back in April where it was started. So I repost it now]

This post is to highlight the abuse of children and its connection to boats, yachts, ships, narrow boats and sometimes water related activities.

Abuse happens on various types of boats from narrowboats used as houseboats on canals to sea going yachts. Boats of course have advantages for abusers. They can be a venue for abuse with the captain having almost absolute power over his crew.

Boats are also means of transport – which can be used for carriage of pornographic books, tapes, images or even children and boats can cross more easily across borders without going through customs.

Boats are away from…

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