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Louise Mensch has failed at Twitter

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Louise Mensch is the former Tory MP that spends most of her time on Twitter. At this time I’m writing this she has over 144k Tweets since she joined Twitter in January 2009 so that’s an astonishing average of 1800 Tweets a month so you’d think someone that’s been on the site for so long would understand how it works?

Nah. She doesn’t Last night she Tweeted this in an attempt to smear supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

louisemensch3Mensch thought these were autocomplete suggestions Twitter was giving her but anyone that’s used the site for longer than five minutes (apart from Mensch) will look at those wee ‘x’ after each suggestion as spot right away that these are Mensch’s own searches that Twitter is throwing back at her.

To be fair I’ve just tried searching for Liz Kendall and found these suggestions.


See, there’s no little crosses after each suggestion, and…

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