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Toxic Political Associates

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist


The national media continues to fume on about Jeremy Corbyn’s past associates of dubious distinction, studiously avoiding Corbyn’s intimate connection to Tony Blair, a man who should certainly be tried for war crimes.

In stark contrast to many politicians, Corbyn has always opposed racism in all its forms. For example, in early 2010 he addressed a protest in London (that I attended) that opposed the English Defence League’s march on Parliament.

These street-fighting thugs (the EDL) were in town to support the showing of an anti-Islamic propaganda spiel in the Houses of Lords – a viewing that had been arranged by Tory peer Baroness Cox and the then leader of UKIP, Eton-educated Lord Pearson of Rannoch.

However, the main attraction of this event revolved around the invitation of the controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders, a prominent racists and Islamophobe who in 2013 went on to form the European Freedom Alliance…

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