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The Fallacy of Hunt


“Sorry, this is quite complex for early in the morning” – Jeremy Hunt

The time: 07.15 on the 29th of October 2015 on BBC.

What Mr. Hunt was trying to explain was how junior doctors working “within the legal limit” will not see any reduction in their pay.

By comparison, thousands of junior doctors have been up all night caring for patients would be expected to make life-saving, high-pressure decisions at 07.15 after 10 hours awake without so much as a bathroom break. The kicker – this time is classed as ‘social hours’ or ‘plain time’.

Fallacy 01:If Mr. Hunt can not manage simple arithmetic at 07.15 because it is too early in the morning, should he be peddling ‘sociable’ working hours of 0700-2200 Monday to Saturday for doctors? – where doctors receive no additional renumeration for working outside of the standard 9-5 time bracket.

Given Mr. Hunt is…

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