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Defend Manchester Mental Health Trust!

Roger Bannister For UNISON General Secretary

Grim news today from my home town of Manchester.
Manchester mental health trust is to be abolished as NHS services crash and burn in austerity Britain. Workers and service-users opposing this catastrophe have my full support.
The Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust is estimated to be in £6.1 million of debt by March next year. Management are proposing huge cuts to break even. The Unison branch have produced an excellent leaflet (see below) clearly explaining that mental health services are already at breaking point. The human cost of these cuts are heartbreaking and should fill readers with a determination to resist these cuts all the way.

The Manchester Community and Mental Health (MCMH) Unison branch have come out fighting against these cuts. There are a number of things we can do to get behind the brothers and sisters in the branch.

Send a postcard to MMHSCT—available UNISON MCMH…

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