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Medical Kidnap – who permits it ?


The “kidnap ” of children refers to the removal of children from their parents for reasons such as refusal by parents to vaccinate their children, disagreement with doctors regarding treatment, poverty of parents and other reasons. “A conveyor belt removal of children” (Lenin Nightingale). This occurs in several countries but especially America.It is a fact that indoctrination could also be a factor when considering Aborigines and North America Indians (Lenin Nightingale ).


The decision to remove children (or young adults who are said not to be able to make their own decisions), is primarily lead by profit it seems. See Lenin Nightingale https://lenin2u.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/child-protection-for-profit-system/

Whilst such cases may well occur within the UK, at present it seems that decision makers BELIEVE they are making the correct decisions. Indeed their have been cases within the UK and USA, where children have been removed and parents imprisoned, for reasons that were found…

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