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BBC Newsnight: Woodford School. Three decades of CSA


Joint Newsnight and See Hear Investigation by Erika Jones into three decades of sexual abuse in a home for the deaf at Woodford.
‘In 1951, Eric and Beatrice Ingall set up the Woodford School, a private school for deaf children in east London. Beatrice was headmistress and Eric the bursar, driver and handyman. The couple lived in the same boarding house as the pupils.

This is a depressingly familiar account which highlights the important need for the independent CSA Inquiry. Multiply this harrowing example by a thousand or more across the country and you’ll be left with no alternative but to ask yourself the question; What the hell has been going on ?

Eric Ingall was not a politician, or TV celebrity, were his victims less affected? Were they less deserving of justice? Are their terrible experiences less newsworthy ?

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