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They Can Hate So Why Can’t I ??

The hate and bile against #Muslims and #Islam have increased since the killings in #France

Social media is awash with #Bigots and #Racists spewing their hate.

When challenged they cry it is their right under freedom of speech.

And it is on this issue I have become confused.

When bloggers, including myself, challenge big business and politicians we are shut down and orders such as CPN (community protection orders – asbo’s) and even criminal charges are brought.

Why can we not name and shame #Corrupt officials and those in authority ?

Why is it ok to attack people because of their religion but not publicise the errors and law breaking of social services, for example ?

It appears there is one law for hate and bile and another for legitimate community concerns.

Social workers allow no questions, no challenge  – and remove names of individuals when reported on the web ?

It is the same with other local government officials – health boards – police – the media etc etc..

The web is being cleansed of dissent leaving behind just the #Haters

The hypocrisy is sickening.