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Tory activist claims she ‘woke up naked in MP’s bed with no memory of the night before’


Mark-Clarke-and-David-Cameron-shake-handsMark Clarke (Tory Indiscretions Compiler) and David Cameron.  And Cameron is less psychopathic than the ones waiting to take over from him!  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/tory-activist-claims-woke-up-6887551

GW:  The ToriCons are a morally bankrupted party as it seems that senior ToriCons were quite happy to prey on young, idealistic, vulnerable and naive activists with recent dire consequences.

First We Appoint a ‘Top Judge’  eg Try to Cover-up


14 November 2015 – But quickly find out that this time there are parents wanting real justice.

Parents of bullied Tory activist who killed himself vow to bring down those their son blamed for his suicide


24 November 2015 – What to do now?  Notice how the Goddard ‘Enquiry’ has slid onto the back burner.  Where IS Justice Goddard these days???

No wonder they are desperate to start bombing Syria.  What with this time bomb ticking in their ears.  “Tick Tock”…

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