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Gordon Myers – Victim of #VIPcsa Australia

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Gordon Myers was another victim of the VIP child sexual abuse network in Australia. His story is told by Fiona Barnett, another VIP child sexual abuse network victim on her excellent blog “Pedophiles Down Under” [2], under the title Paedophiles Down Under VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward [1]. Please check her blog out [2], her post on Gordon Myers [1] is reproduced here. Fiona’s own story at the hands of the network “Hang on for the Ride” is told in words and pictures on this link [3] and her twitter is @FionaRaeBarnett.

VIP Pedophile Victim Comes Forward

by Fiona Barnett 1 Dec 2015

Indigenous Victim of Stolen Generation

GORDON MYERS (dob 19/3/1965) born Sutherland Hospital.


  • Sparked the Wood Royal Commission
  • Testified to the current Child Abuse Royal Commission
  • Franca Arena’s key witness
  • Bill Heffernan referred to his police statements on 20 Oct 2015

Prostituted / witnessed child prostitution…

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