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Prejudice Is Wrong; Corbyn Supporters Aside

Turning the Tide

If you are going to leak your prejudice in such a way, please keep it for private meetings amongst your friends. It really is not appropriate to leak it at a time of such gravitas, when the eyes of the country are upon you.

Or better still, stop being prejudiced at all.

That Alan Johnson, an MP I’ve always held in high regard, used his speech in the Syrian debate to have a pop at Jeremy Corbyns new kinder politics, I find deeply depressing.

Yes, there has been a frenzy of lobbying of MPs, and yes, some would have sadly resorted to personal abuse which understandably riles and upsets, but that is not a subject that should be raised during a crucial debate on War and Peace.


Jeremy has always made it crystal clear that he does not do personal – and he clearly wishes his supporters would follow…

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