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A Very Merry Daily Fail


Ladies & Gentlemen I present to you the latest round of rubbish from the mail. My comments will be in bold – the rest is the online Mail article copied and pasted directly from their site.

VIP child sex charity loses its NHS funds over concerns that controversial therapy they use may cause ‘false memories’

By Stephen Wright, Associate News Editor For The Daily Mail
00:57 09 Dec 2015, updated 00:59 09 Dec 2015

The Lantern Project charity has been stripped of financial support (ONLY BY THE NHS

Two alleged victims claim to have suffered abuse at the hands of VIPs There’s actually a great many more of us than that. Last time I looked there were 700 and odd allegations. Not all from Darren and I.

But police have been unable to corroborate any of their allegations
That’s why they have already arrested one person, interviewed 2 under…

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