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Saw this on FB and decided to share.
Why ?
Because I can.

I had to take my little man to A&E today, a very scary time. Despite wanting to get inside ASAP I queued for a space like everyone else, and a kind lady told me she was going.

She pulled out the space, and as I went to reverse in a lady raced into the space. I got out the car and explained I had waited for the space. I started to cry and explained I had a sick child in the car that I needed to get to a&e. She knew she had pushed in and just said she had waited long enough herself and got back in the car. Her partner then got out and into my face just said no I can’t let you have this space. By now I was nearly hysterical and a passer by said he saw what had happened and could no believe it. So much for the season of good will.

Neither appeared in dire need of medical attention. So I just abandoned my car across theirs and shouted that I would be in A&E should I have to move it and as they watched me carry my son across the car park sobbing into A&E at no point did they even offer to give me the space they knew they clearly underhandedly taken.

Once my son had been booked in and seen the triage nurse Etc I returned to the car and parked over the other side of the town. It was tempting to want to damage her car but I’m not that kind of person. So instead… In this season of good will, incase you know the owner of this car… You can let her know that the little boy she hindered getting to A&E was cleared of meningitis tonight, because you never know she might at some point have an attack of conscience.