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No melatonin= No sleep = extra use of respite hours

Dinky and Me

When Dinky was being diagnosed I joined parent groups- as you do. What I didn’t expect was the hundreds of negative experiences with CAMHS, not just one particular camhs- but camhs up and down the country.

With them it seems that their first port of call is to send parents on parenting courses. I was so happy Dinky had been turned away 5 times! We went via Paeds and I was counting my lucky stars, I was also (very annoyed for other parents) thankful that the CDC made an exception in Dinky’s case because the PDA diagnosis was really the start to things getting better for her.

SO when Dinky was referred to camhs I was a little apprehensive but I made the cardinal error- I thought to myself It is Just for ADHD assessment and then med reviews, I mean how bad can it get? My granddad always used…

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