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Life As A Widowed Parent Carer

Same Difference

A heartbreaking article from yesterday’s Independent.

My husband, my soulmate for 27 years and father to our four children, passed away on 14th December.  He had lived for 13 months following a diagnosis of incurable, advanced colorectal cancer.

By the time he was diagnosed, it was already too late for the hope of a cure and he was too unwell to continue with his freelance work in management development.  He became eligible for a range of benefits, which got us through the year.  I was already unable to work, having been forced to give up a successful marketing career on the birth of our fourth child, Daisy, who has a rare and very complex genetic syndrome.  As her full-time carer I was being paid £62.10 per week in Carers’ Allowance.

Almost from the moment Andy drew his last breath, those extra supportive benefits we’d had during his illness stopped. …

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