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Victory for Wirral In It Together. We defeat Wirral Council – again

Wirral In It Together

03 07 14 - hattrick vexatious request - overturned

25th June 2014

Freedom of Information.  Another victory over Wirral Council’s legal “team”.

Yesterday, an email came in from WhatDoTheyKnow.com …


This response is another calculated exercise in minimisation and a muddying of the water, couched in the blandest and most tedious of legal terms, but don’t be deceived.

This is a climbdown.

Here’s a handy photo of some “team” members from the Wirral Leader’s blog.

Over the last two years, in response to probing, but otherwise innocuous freedom of information requests, the “team” has combined the awesome power of their collective legal minds, and has clubbed together to issue a total of three rebuttals, in which they’ve claimed that my requests are ‘vexatious’ – a term which is not defined in law (at least not yet) but is now serving, nationwide, as a kind of ‘catch all’ means of refusing people information to which they should otherwise be very much entitled.

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