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It’s Time to Make the Tories Listen!

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

A sea-change is in the air. Trade unionists across the country are calling upon Labour Councils to stand firmly opposed to the Tories continuing onslaught upon our public services.

In January, the national local government committee of Unite the Union set the wheels of defiance spinning when they passed a motion calling upon Labour to set legal ‘no cuts’ budgets by using reserves, capitalising eligible general fund expenditure and borrowing ‘prudentially’ to generate resources.

Unite’s motion made it clear “That the financial measures must be combined with a national campaign, linking Councils, trade unions and communities in a fight against the Tories austerity programme.”

Earlier this month, this motion gained more support when the Local Government Service Group Executive of UNISON, the union representing the majority of local government workers, made similar demands upon Labour Council’s to fight back now, rather than later.

That such calls are taken up here…

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