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Why Workers Join Unions: Samworth Brothers Under the Microscope

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

For the past 15 years, Carol Gasson has worked for Samworth Brothers and is currently employed as a Personnel Manager at Kettleby Foods. Unfortunately Carol sees no role for unions in society, let alone at her workplace. Apparently she has internalised the Tory lies propagated in the national media on an almost daily basis about the negative role played by unions.

Not unsurprisingly, Carol’s bosses at Samworth Brothers are vigorously opposed to their workers exercising their democratic right to have a collective voice in a trade union. Senior managers at Samworth Brothers, however, have much more to gain from an unorganised workforce, which is why they have spent many years investing heavily in the anti-worker politics of the Conservative Party.

Sir David Samworth retired from overseeing Samworth Brothers operations in 2005 but has always been well-connected in industrialist circles, indeed he was even a member of the secretive Tory pressure…

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