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List of things which cause anxiety.

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Direct demands.

  • being asked to get an item for someone
  • asked to do something for someone. ie pass on a message, make them a drink/meal, tidy up, look after a child, etc.
  • being asked to move, speak, smile, ask/answer questions


  • ‘can you make me a cup of tea’. (I might be busy, not know how you like your tea, may be in an unfamiliar place and so not know where the cups/tea bags/spoons are, I might be wanting a hot drink too but am not ready for one yet and feel stressed at having to make two drinks separately when it makes more sense to me to make them together when I am ready for one)
  • ‘can you pass me the falafal’. (I don’t know what that is, where it is, I have problems with directions so may end up looking in the wrong place and get flustered trying…

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