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Saga Car Insurance.

I don’t recommend any business – very few are worthy.

Last Thursday in Bangor, a car driver opened his door without thought, damaging my partners front wing, passenger door and taking out a very expensive electric mirror as she drove past.
No-one was injured thankfully and details were exchanged.

The next day my partner spoke to the owner on the phone and Luke promised to phone his company, Saga, immediately after he put the phone down so the process could begin. The car is used daily and as we live in an isolated area with an autistic son – essential.

As she was dealing with the boy I took on the job of speaking to Saga.
They told me that they had phoned Luke but he was unable to begin the claim process and no hire car could be arranged without him answering some questions (?)
Fearing an uninsured driver, I rang Luke myself to find out why he wasn’t starting the claims process and give him some idea of our circumstances.

Luke was driving so I spoke with his wife, Joan and she assured me that both her husband and herself had given Saga all the information needed. Back on the phone to Saga – slightly miffed that I had been lied to. Saga insisted they had not rang and a note had been made to call them back after they had finished their days business(!)

I phoned again asking why the couple were lying and did I need to contact the police.
Answers such as “we are busy” and “my car is ok” angered me but I held my temper as they promised to ring their insurers – again.

Lying bloody whores who didn’t want to take responsibility.

Saga were magnificent – arranging for a hire car to be delivered to us on Monday and ours to be taken in for repairs soon.
What a service.

Thank you, Saga.