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Do Not Share Platforms With Conservatives.

Re – The andrew marr show this morning.

Anna Eagle sharing the couch with iain duncan smith and being ‘assaulted’.
Ok – the truth is that ids was practising his CBT techniques by touching her arm but why did she allow it ? It is assault !

The Labour Party and all opposition should not share platforms with these people.
Boycott any TV programme , Radio Show, Political platform that is shared by the Tories.

The conservative government policies ARE causing poverty, misery and deaths..
Sharing platforms legitimises these policies and the politicians who support and implement them.

We should be isolating these people – anyway we can.
Refuse to work for them – refuse to fix their cars – refuse to repair their property – do not serve them in retail establishments – no pork to be sold to our prime minister.
Isolate them.

The Labour and Trade Union movement can start by boycotting meetings and programmes which give the tories air time.

No platforms for fascists.
No platform to be shared with conservatives until they stop attacking and causing the deaths of ordinary people.

And everywhere they go – everywhere they are seen – make it obvious our disapproval.

Just a thought.



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