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Telling Dinky, PDA training and Amazing Annual review!

Dinky and Me

In my last post I wrote about my own ASD diagnosis. I did feel it was really important to tell Dinky that we both have autism in common. However, I did expect to tell her in a controlled and thought out way.

Nope, my dad accidentally spoke about it in front of her. I suppose it didn’t really matter. Dinky thinks it is awesome that we are both autistic. Which is cool.

This meant that way before I was ready, I had to put a note in Dinky’s link file explaining that if Dinky was to mention it, that it is true, I have recently been diagnosed with ASD. It isn’t that I didn’t want to tell the school, it is more that I wanted to get the report through first and then do it when I had got my head round it. It isn’t great doing it via a…

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