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Ex-Nottinghamshire Police Inspector Russell Dew Jailed.

From 2011.

A former Nottinghamshire Police inspector has been jailed for six years for committing sex offences against a 13-year-old schoolgirl.

Russell Dew, 44, groomed his victim by sending more than a thousand emails to the teenager using his police email account, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

He admitted five counts of sexual activity with a child, which took place last year.

The judge said Dew was a dangerous offender who abused his position.

‘Obsessed with girl’

The court heard that while Dew was off duty he became obsessed with the schoolgirl and invited her to his home near Newark, where he changed into a skirt and tights before committing the offences.

In one instance, Dew was wearing his police issue handcuffs.

The victim’s mother, who became increasingly worried about how close the police inspector and her teenage daughter were becoming, tried to warn Dew off, the court heard.

The offences were brought to light after the girl complained to her teacher and Dew was arrested.

Initially, Dew claimed the schoolgirl was trying to blackmail him.

However investigators found that Dew, who was based at Mansfield Police Station, sent more than a thousand emails to the teenager using his police email account.

In one of the emails, Dew admitted pushing the boundaries and asked if he should stay away from her.

He was suspended from the force after the arrest and resigned from Nottinghamshire Police on 18 August.



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