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Councils broke data protection law 60 times


Is it any surprise that the council is as shoddy with its treatment of personal data as it is with the poor and the vulnerable?

According to BBC Wales, Welsh councils have broken data protection laws over 60 times in 2012.

In one case a worker allowed their partner to access and amend personal data.

There were also several cases of posting personal data on websites, and an e-mail which accidentally disclosed sensitive details of 24 dead people.

The Information Commissioner’s Office said: “It’s vital that local authorities properly live up to their legal responsibility to keep personal data secure, particularly where it is sensitive information about children and young people.

“Our concern isn’t just that councils have the right policies and procedures in place; it’s about bringing about a culture among staff whereby everyone takes their responsibilities seriously and effective data handling becomes second nature.”

Read more: http://www.rottencouncil.co.uk/welsh-councils-broke-data-protection-laws-60-times/#ixzz2jm5shjYk

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