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You WILL do as we tell you

Auld Acquaintance

Back in the days of the 1970’s when I was a mere teenager, it was common knowledge which newspapers promoted certain parties. The Express was a Tory paper, the Record was a Labour paper , and these 2 papers carried the bulk of Scottish readership between them.
My mum always bought the Express, and on a Sunday, she would buy the Sunday Mail and Sunday Post..
I never knew her to make a political utterance in her life, so I have no idea how she voted at elections, although she did have a soft spot for the Tory MP for Cathcart, Teddy Taylor, so maybe there was a clue there, but I really couldn’t say.

On television the BBC was well regarded, and promoted as the bastion of fairness and impartiality. If the BBC reported it, then it was taken as gospel that it was true.
Such were my days…

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