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GMC And Child Abuse – Carry On Doctor



News today that Dr Morris Fraser was allowed to continue to practice by the General Medical Council, GMC, despite a conviction for abusing a 13 year old boy in London in 1971.

Richard Kerr, who is identified in the Meehan Report as one of the children who Dr Fraser abused at the Royal Hospital, Belfast where he worked, told me, “I was at a special needs school for learning disabilities and I believe that many abusers like Fraser deliberately targeted vulnerable children who would not be believed even if they did speak up at the time. I can’t believe that the GMC would not strike off doctors who have been convicted of abuse. They seem to be more interested in protecting the institution and their own than protecting children.”

However, Dr Fraser was not the only child abuser who was allowed to continue to medically practice by the GMC. Below…

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