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#PanamaPapers: 7-days later.

Mutterings from the Left

“A week is a long time in politics” – said Harold Wilson, allegedly.

It’s also a very long time in the otherworldly mainstream media, as the past seven days since the “Panama Papers” were first revealed have shown.

We started with the “shocking” revelations that corrupt, power-hungry Putin, surrounded by oligarchs, may have dubious links to people, profiting through tax havens – and we’ve ended with the “shocking” revelations that snivelling, greed-fuelled David Cameron, surrounded by Etonianophiles, may have made himself even richer, through the use of tax havens.

Hold. The. Front. Page.

These revelations in themselves are not “shocking”, unless you’ve been sitting on a Panamanian beach, smoking cigars and sipping cocktails your entire life. But what the leaks do shine a blinding light into is the incestuous relationship between politicians, law-making and corporations, and the fact that the urban legend of the “One Percent” is even more pertinent…

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