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Dead cats, #Dodgy Dave & drivel: the Commons debate #PanamaPapers

Mutterings from the Left

So, after the past seven days being “not a great week” for David Cameron, the Prime Minister must have had slightly sweaty palms before entering the House of Commons this afternoon to issue a statement on the Panama Papers revelations, his own tax affairs and (in an unprecedented move) accept questions from the House on his financial arrangements.

With certain quarters of the press having a feeding-frenzy over revelations about a £300,000 inheritance from his Father, a £200,000 gift from his Mother and the possible £75-80k he may profit from owing to these arrangements (with the “money-shot” being that the funds were garnered via offshore accounting), the PM was no doubt under some pressure today to put this issue to bed.

But, as the slicker-than-a-Exxon-spill snake oil salesman today showed, you can have a “clusterfucking” week and still present yourself as a victim.

Using the “deeply upsetting and profoundly untrue”…

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