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About the #Quixote Investigation

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The #Quixote investigation, followed by the #Quixote Interim Report have taken the best part of 10 months, commencing shortly after the May 2015 UK General Election, and are yet to be completed.

The public will recall that the outcome of this election took most professional polling organisations by surprise.  As a direct consequence, these organisations’ own forecasting systems were placed under urgent review.

Our investigation has been undertaken in an organised, strictly forensic manner by a number of fully-qualified and politically-neutral professionals.

In the coming days and weeks, dedicated items will be released into the public domain on the www.sleazeexpo.wordpress.com blog, listed and summarised by parliamentary constituency.  Their purpose is to indicate to the UK public precisely where suspected fraudulent behaviour occurred in the May 2015 General Election.

This had been seen to involve alleged voterigging on a disturbingly large scale, which had been carried out in a deliberate and calculated manner.  The impact of this alleged voterigging had the effect…

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