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The battle for iconic Fallujah

The Muslim Times


Fallujah was a centre of the Iraqi uprising against British occupation in 1920, the first city in Iraq to revolt against the US occupation in 2003 and the first Iraqi city to submit to Daesh rule in 2014.

Consequently, Fallujah cannot be expected to capitulate without a fight to the Iraqi army backed up by Sunni tribal levies and Shiite militias in their belated campaign to restore Baghdad’s rule.

The November 2004 battle for Fallujah between US army and the resistance was the bloodiest encounter for US servicemen since the Vietnam war.

The US poured all sorts of chemical munitions into the city, killing hundreds of civilians as well as fighters, destroying most neighbourhoods and leaving a legacy of defects among newborns and cancers among children and adults.

Fallujah has serious reasons to hate the US and the exiled politicians who…

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