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SEN Law & Professional Responsibility


This is a blog about Evie obviously written by me, her mum.

Before I was Evie’s mummy I was a solicitor, still am albeit not practising at present. I loved that job. I love the law. I loved my colleagues and opponents. I loved to get a good result for my clients. It wasn’t always the case, sometimes we lost and my clients didn’t get what they wanted.

Now not every client is right and often we have to manage our clients’ expectations. That is part of the job.

I gave up working to look after Evie. I couldn’t juggle my parenting responsibilities with the hours that my job deserved. So I’ve taken time away. I work part time in a non-professional role; a job which suits my family’s needs. My family are my priority not my career (I do however miss it lots).

So today I came in from…

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