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Sir Clement Freud Was A Paedophile


At one point we were looking at Clement Freud but the allegation alluded to a Liberal MP and boys and not girls. That allegation made by Des Wilson in The Mail (below). Freud was checked in connection but we felt that the  Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, was not far enough north of Watford given the 3 hour train journey from London.

Then there was the local party leader from well to the north of  Watford who had to be woken from his bed on many a Friday and Saturday night to attend a local police station and rescue his MP from trouble after he had been picked up in one dubious circumstance or another. This MP once asked me to travel for three hours to speak to his local party one Friday evening. When I arrived at his house he was just welcoming two attractive ‘boys’ who had also…

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