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A Memo To CQN On Resolution 12

The Clumpany

Good Afternoon.

In a typical moment of self-absorption, The Clumpany would like to issue a point of clarification, as I am getting a lot of ‘bemused reaction’ from various directions.

I have been highly critical of CQN and CQN Magazine in the past couple of days, because I find it utterly perplexing that the Celtic board has not offered any public comment on Resolution 12 AT ALL since the 2013 AGM. They have seemingly left it to the Requisitioners to put their own time and money into the work, when issues of governance, level playing fields and the very point of having spent hard-earned money following Celtic in the last 10-12 years of Rangers’ life need to be addressed.

As I have said time and again, I find it bizarre that the club cannot even manage to say that they “are working with the requisitioners to ask questions of the…

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