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Post-Brexit: racist attacks go mainstream in disunited kingdom



Since Friday and over the weekend there have been hundreds of reports of racist attacks, up and down the country. What’s remarkable about this, is not just the sheer numbers of incidents, but how open people have been and are in expressing their hatred. It’s as though the Brexit victory has given them permission to say what they like with impunity. Victims include ethnic minorities – many of whom are people who were born in Britain (not that that should make any difference) – as well as anyone who speaks a foreign language – workers, tourists – and simply people who look ‘foreign’. This is how Hitler’s Germany began – non-Aryans being spat on in the street, or insulted, or told to ‘go home’. Politicians of the right and activists of the far right are expert at manipulating fears and many who are impoverished or out of work have been…

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