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Wheelchair User Refused By Express Motors, Caernarfon.

On the 14th July, I sent an email to Express Motors complaints Department – a bus company running services in the Caernarfon, Gwynedd area.

I sent another a few days later to their main email address.

No-one has got back to me.

Disgusting how the disabled are treated by Express Motors of Penygroes.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Whilst waiting for a bus at the main stop in Caernarfon, I witnessed a wheelchair user try to board a number 92 bus at approx 1.20pm on Wednesday the 14th July.
The bus had parked too far from the kerb and could not operate the ramp.
I expected the driver to re-position the bus or, as there was a bus in front of him, to move to the next bay to allow the passenger to board the bus.
Imagine my horror, when the driver just drove off leaving the wheelchair user quite upset.
I am disgusted.
Is this usual procedure to treat the disabled in such a way ?