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3 Times Articles on Goddard Abuse Inquiry Resignation

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Three pieces from the Times, One article and two Opinion Pieces

They very much follow the pro Janner, anti Goddard, anti child sexual abuse inquiry as there is no Westminster child sexual abuse propaganda that the paper has been following recently. Whether the strands are linked is a matter to be found out…

That said there is some interesting information, but can lawyers be trusted?

2016 Aug 7 The Times [1] GODDARD RESIGNATION Pantomime dame Out of her depth and out of a job: how the child abuse inquiry lost its head

In the Millbank offices of the child sex abuse inquiry, tensions between Dame Lowell Goddard and her team had been building for some time.

They reached a climax on Thursday when a source alerted The Sunday Times. “The confrontation with Goddard will take place today,” the insider said. “If she tries to cling to office and goes…

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