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Wirral Council -Report shows nothing has changed.

FINALLY more than a year after I gave a statement to external investigator Patricia Thynne her report is published.

This report came about after I had written to all 66 councillors and Frank Field MP in December 2014 about concerns I had about the conduct of senior Wirral councillors.

However it was only after further testimony was provided by another ex-employee of Wirral Council that an investigation was commissioned.

The report is concerned about allegations of misconduct by senior Wirral councillors and centres mainly events at a council meeting in July 2013 and a subsequent recorded telephone conversation.
I told former council chief executive Graham Burgess in 2014 that the reason I would not return to work for the council is that the recording demonstrated to me the council had not changed since I was bullied and harassed out of my job – and I would have no trust and confidence in a number of politicians to whom I would asked to be accountable.

The issues raised in Ms Thynne’s report demonstrate no lessons have been learned from the past and the council is still primarily concerned about reputation management.

Martin Morton by email.