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Rottweiler Mothers

SEN Anonymous

How apt. We’ve had Refrigerator Mothers. We’ve had Munchausen’s Mothers. We still have FII (Fabricated or Induced Illness) Mothers.

A New Breed of Morhers has recently hatched – Rottweiler Mothers…. The worm is turning. The Rottweiler has been tormented, the teeth are in and the jaws are locked!

You have to laugh. Could there be any less consideration given? – could the system despise SEN parents even more than it has in the past? The answer is a resounding Yes, of course. The tighter the purse strings of the budget are pulled, the more desperate the ‘powers that be’ are to  undermine, discredit and dismiss parents who are astonished  at the lack of resource, imagination, compassion and acceptance of young people and adults who are neurologically divergent.

My mother named me The Rottweiler when I was fighting for her end of life care. I once joked that I had an…

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